Home Purchase Inspection


Home Purchase Inspection

This is one serious inspection and an extremely important one that will provide you with everything you need to know about your potential new home. 

Pool & Spa Inspection


Pools & Spas

Pools in the summer are fun, repairs, not so much.  A thorough True North pool inspection looks at all the components of the pool from decking, interior finish, jets and drains and electrical systems. We test the following for proper functionality and operation. GFCI outlets, lights, heaters and valves that operate jets, water features and back washing. 

*We do not test water quality or salt chlorination systems for chlorine production, we only note that they are present.*

Water features

Water features are checked for leaks, missing stones, rock or damaged fax stone material ans are tested for functionality.

Pool Barriers

Pool safety is extremely serious. We notate the presence and absence of any pool barrier. We test and operate gates, audio alarms and note pool barrier material and its condition.

Pre-listing Inspection


What is a Pre-Listing Inspection?

A pre-listing inspection is exactly the same as a purchase inspection. You get a full inspection performed in accordance with the Arizona Standards of Professional Practices, a detailed report of the house and all its components along with recommendations from the inspector on items that may need to be addressed.

Why have a Pre-Listing inspection done?

We highly recommend having a pre-listing inspection done on your home before placing it on the market. No one likes surprises, and the simple truth is no home is 100%.  Cleaning, touching up and staging your home before viewing may not be enough. There is a lot going on beneath the surface that an untrained eye just does not see and having a True North pre-listing inspection done will give you  confidence knowing there won't be any major items preventing you from getting your full asking price.